Bruce Fogelson

ba5ae471-263c-46d4-ac37-8d5926e349ad_mBruce Fogelson

Multidisciplinary Experience Is More Than Just a Broker. It’s a Better Broker.
Bruce offers each client his unique mix of seasoned expertise and insight that lets him tap every facet of the real estate industry and deliver remarkable results. Taking a multidisciplinary approach, Bruce brings the industry wide knowledge to everything he does. Starting as a commercial real estate broker in 1983 and as an award winning real estate developer for decade’s, Bruce has over 30 years industry insight in addition to his degree in real estate and finance. From commercial brokerage to land acquisition, design, development, construction, marketer, leasing, sales and more in the real estate business he brings everything to the table. By being both a buyer and seller many times over makes for a better broker every time and a developer when needed.

Driving Real Estate Development
After commercial brokerage and having run his own full-scale real estate development companies for over two decades, Bruce knows the big picture and nuances that drive the real estate business. Having hired and directed some of the best brokers and many Chicago brokerage firms for his projects he knows the real estate brokerage business and tradecraft inside and out. Being a real estate buyer and seller, lessor and lessee hundreds of times gives him a wider perspective plus foresight. From vision, land purchase through to sales and marketing, he has delivered, sold and leased land, commercial, retail units and buildings as well as residential sales and leasing from affordable housing, multi-family and mix-use through to multi-million dollar custom residences and creating the communities around them.
Through the every day part of Fogelson’s business he has created value and opportunity through land acquisition, entitlements, zoning, planning, design, architecture, general contracting, construction, brokerage, marketing, sales and customer service. Fogelson brings all that and more to the brokerage team at Jameson Commercial Real Estate by knowing the highest and best use, fit and finish in addition to brokerage skills. As a developer for himself for decades, he knows personally the importance of each skill and trade and brings his highest standards to others.

Hands-on Experience Building From The Ground Up
Bruce also brings the added benefit of general contractor experience to understand building projects by personally overseeing the numerous multifaceted details of development and construction.

  • Vision in site selection, layout and feasibility in land and building acquisition or disposition.
  • Value in design and cost cutting where economically prudent.
  • Architectural planning and plans on the drawing board and in the field.
  • Finance and banking from start to finish, including land, construction and end-buyer mortgages.
  • Lending and loan management. Managing construction loan draws and payouts throughout every project and trade takes real and complex financial management and people skills.
  • Specifying, budgeting, soliciting bids, selecting proposals and bids numbering in the thousands.
  • Negotiated terms, not only with buyers, sellers, leases, lawyers, lenders and brokers, but also with contractors in every kind of trade including title, demolition, excavation, environmental remediation, building from foundation to roofing and everything in-between. Fogelson has been supervising on-site construction and reconciling architectural plans and changes to customize projects for himself and for custom clients showing real-world knowledge and versatility from behind a desk, through walls and into the field.

Thirty+ Years of Real Estate Expertise Offers Insight and Innovation
His degree in real estate and finance plus thirty+ years of real estate experience only enhance Bruce’s well-earned hands-on approach for every detail. He has also served as a consultant in China and inventor with 4 patents (Builder On-Line Assistant) as his passion inspires innovative and original approaches to the real estate industry.

  • Founding member of the Chicago chapter of the Home Builders of Greater Chicago
  •  Pioneering some of Chicago’s distinctive and emerging neighborhoods.
  •  Owner/developer of 40+ commercial, residential, multi-family and mix-use projects.
  •  Advisory Board Member of Roosevelt University, Marshall Bennett Institute of Real Estate
  • Special Consultant, Urban Development for Ping Shan New District Shenzhen, China 2010–2014
  •  Four Patents used for “Builder On-Line Assistant” putting standard and extra selections online.
  • Degree in real estate development and finance.
  • Chicago Realtor
  • First licensed in 1983 as a commercial broker

Award-Winning Results
The benefits are not only a renewal of Chicago, but awards that speak to Bruce’s consistently outstanding performance over the last thirty+ years. His 17 honors from The Chicago Association of Realtors’ “Good Neighborhood Award” speak to his commitment to Chicago’s communities.

  •  Best New Single Family Home Development
  •  5 times Best New Single- Family Home
  • Best New Multi-Family Town-Homes
  • 4 times Best New Condo Development
  • 3 times Best New Mix-Use Property Development
  • Best New Multi-Family Rental – Affordable
  • 2 time Honorable Mention – Re-hab (One for my home)

Many of Bruce’s projects have won awards for marketing and special sales events and contests.

Host home TV’s Top-Chef twice. Builder in the first and second ever Chicago “Parade of Homes”. Creator of the “Chicago Showcase Homes” for charity. Creator of “Top-(Broker)-Chef” for charity.

Creator of the Bloomingdale Wall Mural Project.

Land contributor to “The 606”.