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Hangman 247

Bruce Fogelson’s online hangman game. For info, check out

 HomeBuilder Showroom

One of Bruce Fogelson’s older projects, aims to create a virtual portal for homebuyers and homebuilders. Although, the service is currently on hiatus, Bruce is re-exploring options with regards to the future of HomebuildersShowRoom.

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Combining his background in neighborhood building with his devotion to helping others, Bruce Fogelson organized and ran a program called The aim of the organization was to facilitate events and organizations that helped communities come together. One such initiative was CPS Real Men Read, an initiative that brought men of various walks of life into schools to read to students. Real Men Read had several purposes: it showed students that adults value education, encouraged and improved literacy skills, provided mentoring opportunities, and demonstrated the importance of student achievement and community partnership. Although is not currently active, it represents Bruce Fogelson’s commitment to leveraging technology in order to help communities grow.

Image of - Chicago Public Schools - Real Men Read by Bruce Fogelson

Chicago Public Schools – Real Men Read.

Tech Presentations

Bruce Fogelson’s Chicago

Chicago Through Bruce Fogelson’s Eyes: St. Patrick’s Day 2016 from Bruce Fogelson on Vimeo.

Chicago Through Bruce’s Eyes: Art and Architecture from Bruce Fogelson on Vimeo.